Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

For stress free entertaining, serve your guests a delicious charcuterie and cheese spread. Stop by a gourmet specialty store, butcher shop or even your local grocery store and get creative with choosing salamis, pâtés, cured hams, cheese, bread and condiments, and pair it with a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco for a spread that your guests are sure to love!

How Much?

Serve about 2 ounces of charcuterie/cheese per person if you plan on having other food options. If it’s the only food option, double the amount and serve it with plenty of bread, seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Mix Up the Textures

For a holiday themed spread, try a hard salami, and something soft like thin slices of prosciutto or a pâté, something tangy like blue cheese, and a spreadable cheese like brie. For a special touch, serve the brie warm, topped with honey alongside a fresh baguette. Fill in the empty space on the board with seasonal condiments, fruits and nuts like cranberries, almonds and fig spread.

For an Italian inspired soirée, substitute the blue cheese for a hard Parmesan cheese and the fruits and nuts for roasted or pickled Italian vegetables like artichoke, roasted red peppers, and stuffed mushrooms.

Keep it Simple

Fresh or toasted baguettes sliced and topped with olive oil and sea salt go with everything. Crackers tend to crumble when eating with charcuterie and spreading cheese so keep it simple and opt for the fresh loaf of bread.

What to Drink

Prosecco is a versatile wine that goes with just about anything salty. It’s bubbly, it’s balanced, and there’s acidity in it which makes it a great sparkling wine to have while entertaining friends and family.